X-Men: The Animated Series – TV Series (1992-1997) – Also known as “X-Men”

Animation, Action, Family, Sci-Fi

USA, Canada (English)
23 min


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Cedric Smith, George Buza, Alyson Court, Lenore Zann, Cathal J. Dodd, Catherine Disher, Norm Spencer, Chris Potter, Alison Sealy-Smith, Lawrence Bayne, David Hemblen, John Colicos, Ron Rubin, Don Francks, Stephen Ouimette, Marc Strange, Philip Akin, Lally Cadeau, Jennifer Dale, Paul Haddad, Dan Hennessey, Kay Tremblay, Jeremy Ratchford, Stuart Stone, Rick Bennett, Iona Morris, Barry Flatman, David Fox, George Merner, Ross Petty, Rod Coneybeare, Adrian Egan, Catherine Gallant, Graham Haley, Brett Halsey, Judy Marshak, James Millington, Randall Carpenter, Chris Britton, Robert Calt, Len Carlson, John Stocker, Susan Roman, Robert Cait, Camilla Scott, Rod Wilson, Tara Strong, Robert Bockstael, David Corban, James Blendick, Tony Daniels, Len Doncheff, Maurice Dean Wint, Melissa Sue Anderson, Rene Lemieux, Peter Wildman, Nigel Bennett, John Blackwood, Jane Luk, Megan Smith-Harris, Denis Akiyama, Adrian Hough, Philip Williams, Kay Trembley, Rick Bonnell, Terri Hawkes, Harvey Atkin, Rebecca Jenkins, Marc Muirhead, Elizabeth Rukavina, Richard Epcar, Roscoe Handford, Peter McCowatt, Cynthia Belliveau, Janusz Bukowski, Tomasz Marzecki, Brian Taylor, Ho Chow


In the Marvel Comics universe, mutants, people with genetically endowed superpowers, are persecuted by a hateful and fearful populous. One shelter from this is Professor Xavier’s Academy for Gifted Children. But the school has a secret function as a training center for mutants to control their abilities so they can function in regular society. It also serves as a secret headquarters of a superhero team, called the X-Men formed both to be a positive example of mutants and as an opposing force against those mutants who seek to force the world to kneel to their perceived superiority. This series recounts their adventures as they struggle to make the world accept them, while battling villains like Magneto, Apocalypse and the genocidal robots known as the Sentinels.