Trickster – TV Series (2020)



Joel Oulette, Crystle Lightning, Kalani Queypo, Anna Lambe, Nathan Alexis, Craig Lauzon, Joel Thomas Hynes, Gail Maurice, Kirsten Johnson, Darren Hynes, Georgina Lightning, Griffin Powell-Arcand, Mark Camacho, Bianca Nugara, Jayli Wolf, Dylan Cook, Mackenzie Muldoon, Jamie Spilchuk, Ziibiwan, Rebekah Manella, David Assinewai, Stephanie Aubertin, William C Cole, David Huband, Harshavardhan Koppela, Adam Maiangowi, Pamela Matthews, Justin Methe, Lexie Mitchell, Rebecca Oswamick, Laurie Oulette, Erik Salmon, Vanessa Tignanelli, Daina Barbeau, Andrew Boulton, Shelley Boulton, Adam Butcher, Gabriel Campoverde, Linus Closs, Liam Culhane, Joyce Cyr, Robin Frigeri, Vicki Marilyn Grant, Keegan MacNeil-Kettle, Sandra McGregor, Paula North, Terri Nyce, Daryl Purdy, Gord Rand, Grace Reich, Tasheena Sarazin, Danny VanZandwyk, River Waterstone


Described as a “darkly humorous coming-of-age story,” The Trickster is a supernatural thriller that follows an Indigenous teen named Jared who struggles to keep his family afloat when a stranger named Wade ruptures the balance. “What begins as an unnerving slow burn of strange events in Jared’s already-messy life crescendos to an epic clash of magic, monsters and mayhem,” said the CBC in a press release.