The Rev – TV Series (2013)



John Petritz, Jo Marie Payton, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, Tanjareen Thomas, John McKarthy, Kelly Perine, Alexis Krause, Berna Roberts, Katie Lohmann, Maya Dunbar, Aloma Wright, Jimmy Walker Jr., Melissa Camilo, Adam Green, Yasmin Spain, Pres Blackmon, Al Coronel, Ferrari Cruz, Bruce Fine, Peter Gannon, Cal Gibson, Arturo Gil, Jada Kay, Jeryn Mays, Uriah Shelton, Kristi Slager, Dan Warner, Waymond Lee


Johnny Star’s fans have always adored him and know full well why he’s the undisputed “King of White Soul.” Johnny was adopted by an African-American family and raised with love by Mamma Starr, a non-nonsense black woman with the iron fist and a heart of gold. Johnny had a gigantic recording career, a stack of gold records and a touring bus that was infamous for.. .well, everything. Johnny’s career has slowed down somewhat and he has the time to travel to Las Vegas with Mamma and his wisecracking sister Brenda to hear the reading of his birth father’s will. It turns out Johnny’s father has left him his church. The church was a front for gambling and tax breaks and Johnny has no intention of trading in his guitar and snakeskin pants for a robe and pulpit. But Mamma convinces Johnny that his tour bus has been on the road long enough. Maybe this is a place he needs to stay a while. Johnny’s going to give preaching the word of God a try. If anyone knows about evil and temptation it would ..