Strangers from Hell – TV Series (2019-2020) – Also known as “Taineun Jiokida”



Dong-Wook Lee, Si-wan Im, Joong-ok Lee, Eun-Jin Ahn, Kim Han-Jong, Bong-sik Hyun, Ji-Eun Kim, Wook-Kyung Song, Hyun-Wook Lee, Jeong-eun Lee, Joong-Ok Lee, Jong-hwan Park


Yoon Jong Woo is a man in his 20’s. He has lived in a small town for all of his life, but he gets a job at a small office in Seoul. Yoon Jong Woo moves out to Seoul and stays at a cheap apartment which shares its kitchen and bathroom with other residents. He doesn’t like staying at the apartment and he doesn’t like the other residents who seem weird and suspicious.