Sisters of the Trees 2019

In the deserts of Rajasthan, the birth of a girl is no longer a curse. The families that previously got rid of their daughters for not being able to pay dowry today celebrate their lives by planting 111 trees, making an oasis out of marble dust. Sisters of Trees is the story of courageous women like Kala, Bhavari and Leela. Kala sets forth the example of empowerment by working outside the house and earning her own income; Bhavari, who couldn’t finish primary school herself, educates her daughter and teaches her about having the freedom to choose; Leela plants trees in the name of her newborn daughter, and with this simple gesture, opens up a range of possibilities for her future.


Documentary – Sisters of the Trees (Movie) {Hindi, Menéndez . Peñafort} [’18]

Uploaded 17.08.2020

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