Run Amuck 2019

Shen Yue, Fu Xiaofei, Wang Jianan, and Laughing Four girls who encounter different dilemmas and knots in real life, in order to achieve each person’s goals and dreams, they participate in a thrilling large-scale game competition. “Escape the birth day” and bring the four together. At first, the four girls were strangers to each other. From the beginning of the skydiving stage, the opinions were not unified, and the landing was divided. In the middle of the road, because Wang Jianan, Laughter, and Fu Xiaofei were shackled by the enemy, Shen Yue, who had left the team before, stepped forward and rescued, which made the four girls’ feelings sublimated.


641099-Run Amuck (2019)-EN

Uploaded 29.07.2020

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