La Valla S01E13 La Valla Season 1 / La Valla S01 / The Barrier S01 / The Fence S01

The Fence S01 – La Valla S01 – Spain. Year 2045. The increasing scarcity of natural resources has turned western democracies into dictatorial regimes that justify the lack of liberties with the promise of ensuring the survival of citizens. In Spain, along the same lines, a dictatorial government occupies power. While life in rural areas is becoming increasingly impossible, the capital has been divided into two tightly closed regions: Sector 1 (that of the government and the privileged) and Sector 2 (the rest). The only way to go from one area to another is to cross the Fence that separates them, for which you must have a government issued pass…


Uploaded 05.12.2020