Iron Man – TV Series (1994-1996)

Animation, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

USA (English)
30 min


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Robert Hays, John Reilly, Jim Cummings, Dorian Harewood, Ed Gilbert, Tom Kane, James Warwick, Casey DeFranco, Katherine Moffat, Robert Ito, Tony Steedman, Jennifer Hale, James Avery, Chuck McCann, Neil Dickson, Linda Holdahl, Neil Ross, Philip Abbott, Jennifer Darling, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., J.C. Lee, William Morgan Sheppard, Stu Rosen, Dimitra Arliss, Marla Rubinoff, Todd Louiso, David Warner, Matt Frewer, Jamie Horton, Gerard Maguire, Neal McDonough, Lisa Zane, William Hootkins, Ron Perlman, Peter Renaday, Scott Valentine, Julia Kato, Sarah Douglas, Ron Friedman, Jeannie Elias


In this series, Tony Stark is the head of a company that is under continual threat from evil forces such as the Mandarin and Justin Hammer. Against this, Stark fights back by leading his own team of heroes as Iron Man wearing armour that not only has the standard features of his regular armour, but can instantly change into his specialized variants for stealth, space, underwater etc.