I Quit – TV Programs (2020)


USA (English)

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Tricia Clarke-Stone, Harley Finkelstein, Harvey Finkelstein, Debbie Sterling


Episode 1 was just so so, the panel of “judges” are annoying, always stating the obvious and rehashing backstories we heard just a minute prior to. meh. 5 stars would be very generous for this. it killed some time and thats about all its worth.now onto episode 2, thought I would give it another chance… well well well.. congratulations discovery channel on your new contestants introduced in this episode and giving them a delusional BL-dont-M antiwhite for profit propagation of racizm speech platform. give me a fn break will ya.this is not entertainment. this is not educational. this is nothing more than “poor me” racizt for profit propagandized garbage.FAIL.