Gangland Undercover – TV Series (2015-2016)

Biography, Crime, Drama, History

Canada, USA (English)
42 min


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Damon Runyan, Ian Matthews, Ari Cohen, Stephen Eric McIntyre, Thomas Mitchell, Hannah Emily Anderson, Shaun Benson, Joanne Boland, Justin Mader, Philip Williams, Christian Bako, Don Masters, Paulino Nunes, James Cade, Melanie Scrofano, Don Francks, Ryan Blakely, Ashley Tredenick, Mary Ashton, Chris Ratz, Romano Orzari, Kiran Friesen, Brendan Eckstrom, Shawn J. Hamilton, Gary ‘Si-Jo’ Foo, Jessica Huras, John Tench, Ryan Blakely, Ron Kennell, Patricia McKenzie, Markus Parilo, Evan Buliung, Brayden Jones, Even Buliung, Pedro Miguel Arce, Katherine Ashby, Garrett Hnatiuk, Eric Woolfe, Michael Sandomirsky, Sebastian MacLean, Alejandro Ampudia, Peter Graham, Daniel Kash, Jamaal Grant, Michael Reventar, Randy Butcher, Jeff Jusczel, Gabrielle Prata, Robbie Rox, Elizabeth Saunders, Daniel Williston, Michael Copeman, Drew Moss, Grant Nickalls, Nick Alachiotis, Brad Austin, Katherine Arias, Jocelyn Hudon, Taylor David, Patrick Garrow, Krista Marchand, Tyler McMaster, Goran Stjepanovic, Greg Campbell, Ric Garcia, Kevan Kase, Billy MacLellan, Andrew Jackson, Graeme Guthrie, Tsu-Ching Yu, Ivan Wanis-Ruiz, Jonathan Bergeron, Katherne Ashby, Brian Paul, Barry Flatman, Duncan McLeod, Sandy McMaster, Michelle Ohm, Carson Manning, Aj Risi, Steve ‘Shack’ Shackleton, Maroc Rey, John Blackwood, George Nickolas K., Lovina Yavari, Jaxson Riley Scher, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Derry Robinson, Pamela MacDonald, Derrick Gauthier, Blaine McKenzie, Derek Herd, Carlos Pinder, Justin Moses, Attila Sebesy, Patrick Wells, Garriden Wolff, Dave Alaimo, Alan Duggan, Diane Higgins


A gritty fact based drama series that tells the astonishing story of a drug dealer who was arrested then given a desperate ultimatum: serve over 20 years in jail, or go undercover inside one of America’s most notorious biker gangs. Charles Falco opted to go undercover and for the next three years he led a crazy and dangerous life infiltrating the Vagos motorcycle gang, collecting evidence while faced with the constant risk that he might be discovered and become one of the gang’s victims. Each episode unfolds a different step in Falco’s covert investigation into their illegal activities, while across the series, the drama builds as carefully constructed character arcs unfold bitter personal rivalries. These tensions finally erupt when the gang’s Vice President is killed in a motorcycle accident, unleashing a chain of unforeseen consequences that ultimately tear the gang apart. With suspicions about Falco’s true identity mounting, the operation threatens to unravel, leading to a tense ..