Flatland – TV Series (2002)

Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

China (English)
47 Min


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Bumper Robinson, Phillip Rhys, Dennis Hopper, Françoise Yip, Sergey Vlasov, Katherine Kendall, Kee Chan, Liam Waite, James With, David Hayward, Michael Wong, Telly Liu, Xiaonan Zhan, Adam Frank, Steven Grives, Sean Murphy, Cari Shayne, Eric Chen, Steve Gormley, Jennifer Lothrop, Dylan Neal, Alannah Ong, Miguel Pérez, Gito Santana, Tammy Tavares, Shawna Waldron, Shannon Whirry, Marisa Petroro, Luca Bercovici, James Mathis III


In the future of 2010, three young Americans, Quentin, JT and Amy are visiting Shanghai, when they get shanghaied by mysterious Mr. Smith and taken to Flatland, a place where past and present meet, literally. The only way out for them is to agree to fight Khan for him, an evil ancient warrior who lives through his reincarnations and could destroy the world if not stopped in time. Coventry and Jagger help him, while encyclopedic Linda helps Smith in his 4000 years long quest to stop him. Smith has an alter ego, a wise Shanghai nightclub owner known as Uncle, who gives advice to those who need it.