Expedition X – TV Programs (2020)

Mystery, Reality-TV

USA (English)
42 min


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Josh Gates, Phil Torres, Jessica Chobot, Jimmy Church, Robert Gale, Jeff Gerhardt, Tania Moreno, Sandro Gama Pedroso, Rachel Sanders, Jeff Wamsley, Mark Wenner, Patricia Kambesis, Bob Kender, Raimundo Mendes, Daniel Nims, Miguel Poblano, Nick Ray, Tom Rust, Dave Spinks, Crystal Alegria, Braveheart, Mike Geschwind, Randy Hall, Jonathan Haug, Gregory McCann, Rogelio Sanchez Santana, Ben Stanfield, Anonymous, Tommy Casper, Chris Corsello, Michael Fetty, Philly Mason, Brad Kuhlman, Tobias Wayland, Kelley Hanada, Jason Hawes, Ron Klein, Joe Ridler, Raymond Szymanski, Max Soliz


Josh Gates sends scientist Phil Torres and paranormal researcher Jessica Chobot to investigate supernatural encounters, mysterious creatures, and astonishing extraterrestrial phenomena, taking viewers to the stranger side of the unknown.