Everything’s Gonna Be Okay – TV Series (2020)



Maeve Press, Josh Thomas, Kayla Cromer, Adam Faison, Lillian Carrier, Lori Mae Hernandez, Ivy Wolk, Carsen Warner, Mason Gooding, Timothy Brundidge, Hye Yun Park, Vivienne Walshe, Charlie Evans, James M. Connor, Kimleigh Smith, Roxy Wood, CJ Jones, Amin El Gamal, Christopher May, Nate Mooney, Sarah Waisman, Jeffery Bowman, Mercedes Cornett, Lally Katz, Chrisanne Eastwood, Nnete Inyangumia, Tiarre Mayden, Victoria Ortiz, Adam Gagan, Melanie Mosley, Laila Pruitt, Cary Simms, Yonatan Elkayam, Justin Abarca, William Sterling, Michael Armstead, Casara Clark, Reatha Grey, Scott Kradolfer, Gayla Johnson, Dana Donnelly, Aidan James, Jessica Troiani, Kim Grandusky


Centers on Nicholas (Josh Thomas), a typical 25-year-old still living at home with his single dad and two teenage half-sisters, who is not particularly helpful in raising his siblings, one of whom is autistic. However, when their dad becomes terminally ill, the girls have to cope with not only a devastating loss but also the realization that Nicholas is the one who will have to hold it all together.