Aussie Girl – TV Programs (2017-2019)



Tammin Sursok, Tom Arnold, Kate Flannery, Shanna Malcolm, Chris Cappellio, Abigail Klein, Russell Raven, Byron Lane, Jack Laufer, Julia Lester, Sean McEwen, Ian Ziering, Carrie Clifford, Daniel DiVenere, Craig Cunningham, Madeleine Curry, Kendall Foote, Troy Metcalf, Shannon Murray, Bruce Richmond Chambers, Christina Maria Davis, Mark Harley, Antonio Martinez, Nick Richey, Tess Harper, Genevieve Kennedy, Catherine Valdes, Ashlie Demeyers, Aristotle Dreher, John Poulos, Bob Rumnock, Nathan Bates, Cory DeMeyers, Chris Rogers, Cory Pritchett, David Brandt, Cecilia Tripp


Loosely based on Tammin Sursok’s life circumstance, the story takes place at the exact moment when her career in Australia takes a wickedly-delicious-but-horrific turn for the worse and she is forced to get the hell outta Dodge and try to make it in the selfie-obsessed world of Los Angeles.