Amazing Grace – TV Series (2021)



Kate Jenkinson, Sigrid Thornton, Alex Dimitriades, Ben O’Toole, Alexandra Jensen, Ben Mingay, Catherine Van-Davies, Luke Ford, Kat Hoyos, Nicholas Brown, Nisrine Amine, Justin Boerst, Ella Scott Lynch, Ace Brown, Hazel Houston, Frederick Du Rietz, Erica Long, Catherine Mack, Lucy Bell, Grace Chim, Korinna Gouros, Morgan Griffin, Jake Ryan, Kate Williams, Ezekiel Simat, Kate Williams, Camila Ponte Alvarez, Michael Cameron, Gabrielle Chan, Kaeng Chan, Sam O’Sullivan, Marie-Clare Anastasia, Esther Anderson, Nick Bartlett, Andrew Cutcliffe, Andrea Demetriades, Riley Jo Downing, Harriet Gordon-Anderson, Vanessa Gray, Anna Houston, Robert Jago, Travis Jeffery, Dilroop Khangura, August Lyndon, Harlow Lyndon, Winter Lyndon, Shari Sebbens, Will Tran, Saxon Weaver


The series centres on midwife Grace and her passionate colleagues at an unconventional birth centre attached to a major city hospital. A fierce advocate for her pregnant mothers-to- be, Grace’s dubious work/life balance is about to get even more chaotic when a new arrival at the birth centre changes her life forever.